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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Saba Faisal's Story on Mother's Day

Today I am going to share with you one true story of a Pakistani television actress Saba Faisal. Really an impressive and full of emotions.
Today she was invited to a live morning show of Fahad Mustafa on Hum TV. When the host asked a question about her mother, the relation between them and about her death, she tried to control  her emotions but could not do that and tears came out of her eyes. And then she shared an incident of her mother's sickness. Her mother was suffering from brain tumor and was paralyzed. Her mother was on bed for almost a year. Saba Faisal was serving her, feeding her, changing her clothes and doing everything for her. One day she was brushing her mother's teeth with her finger when suddenly her mother unintentionally closed her mouth strongly. She felt too much pain. Every one around asked her mother to open her mouth but she could not even listen to anything. Although she could see that her daughter is in pain and saying some thing to her but her brain was not sending any message to her body. Every one was asking her to open your mouth, you are biting Saba's finger. Her mother couldn't do any thing but her eyes were filled with tears for her daughter's pain. Still after 8 years of her mother's death she some times feels pain in her finger but she is satisfied that she at least did something for her mother.